Tuesday, December 23, 2014


My earliest Christmas recollection happened predawn when my older brother Maurice and I arose to open our gifts.  Our living room resonated with shouts of excitement and delight which quickly brought our father to the room.  Dad, trying to offer any distraction that would keep the room intact for the twins still fast asleep, drew our attention to the front window.  The last twinkling starts were now growing fainter as darkness gave way to light.  Dad exclaimed, "There he is!"  "Who?", we said as my brother and I rushed to the frosted windows and peered into the new day.  "There, just beyond the stars, proclaimed Dad, a little more insistent this time.  "Can't you see Jamie?"  Cupping my hands to the window, I peered through the frosted window pane and whispered a bit fearfully, "What is it?"  I must have missed my father's wink toward my brother Maurice, six years my senior, for Maurice quickly added, "I see them, Dad, the reindeer pulling the red sleigh just beyond that star."  "Jamie, can't you see them?"  I tried blinking to focus my eyes, squinting as I wanted so much to see. Then, I remember seeing the sleigh with a cluster of movement just ahead of it as the unquestioning faith and innocence of a child takes over.  Years later I'd play the same prank on my own children and chuckle inwardly as they too would come away from the window wide eyed amazement at the imaginary scene unfolding just beyond the stars.  May the same sense of childlike wonder return to you as you share with your loved ones this holiday season.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!