Friday, January 30, 2015

You Were Asking: Insurance Issues

We’re seeing more conditions on insurance approval in offers lately.  Mostly for older properties where there may be some questions about older components still in existence in the home.  These typically will relate to wiring, a fuel tank, insulation or, even the state a property is in.  Contrary to what many believe, there really is no industry standard amongst insurance companies.  Each company can and does develop their own requirements.  So, often, you will be told to seek out various quotes for insurance, but, if you are comfortable with your existing insurer, it will be prudent to err on the side of caution and simply insert a clause that your offer on the home is subject to the approval of your insurance company.  One word of advice is that if you have been looking at older homes, educate yourself on the key factors your insurance company will want to know.  Often the realtor will get a call from a client AFTER the purchase asking questions about roof shingle type, fireplace, wiring, square footage, proximity of home to the nearest fire station, the list goes on.  If we have your particular insurance companies requirements ahead of the purchase, we will know what your insurance company wants and we can assist pre-offer in answering the questions.  It just heads off any concerns after you have bought.

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