Tuesday, January 20, 2015

You Were Asking: Taking the Hassle Out of Selling

The Spring market is underway.  Time for all you sellers to make plans for your 2015 move!  Here is a list of tips to help you:
  1. Find a knowledgeable, honest and aggressive sales representative.
  2. Ensure you understand the Multiple Listing Contract and review an Agreement of Purchase and Sale Form before any offers come in.      
  3. Introduce your home to the market only when it is ready.  If your sales rep has advised small repairs and clean up, make a commitment to these items.
  4. Introduce your home to the market only when you and your family are ready.  It will be a lot easier if everyone is on board.
  5. Introduce your home to the market at the right price.  Know the effects of overpricing.
  6. Make yourself available.  Try not to put too many restrictions on showing times, if you do, likely the home won't be shown as often.  If you travel frequently, leave points of contact along with cell phone numbers and email addresses that you check frequently.  Don't think, they will wait if they want my house.  Committed buyers are just that, they will find another home.
  7. Don't allow buyers possession of your home before the sale has been finalized (this includes storage areas such as the garage).  If something should happen such as a fire, you will still be held liable for any damage.
  8. Enjoy your home!  Think of it this way, it'll be the cleanest and most organized it has ever been!

If we can help, give us a call!

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