Friday, February 27, 2015

Sellers Were Asking: Remodelling?  Best Bang for your Buck!

The great thing about home remodelling, redecoration and all out renovation projects is they add value to your home and often don’t cost as much as we tend to think.  If you are thinking of selling in a year or two, you have a huge opportunity to enjoy some updates and then reap the benefit from the sale.  If you are selling soon, a few quick fixes are likely your best bet with the biggest return, but, for the large projects, such as a complete kitchen renovation, it is unlikely you will achieve 100% ROI (return on investment) as factors like buyer preference play into the equation.  Here are a few quick, easy ideas to get you started on a smaller update:
  • Replace your front door 100% ROI
  • Replace garage door 92% ROI
  • Siding replacement 84% ROI
Overall cleaning and de-cluttering will also net you 100% return on your time by selling your home quicker.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Buyers Were Asking: Downsizing Dillema

Downsizing is hard.  It really is.  That is, for most people we meet.  There are so many factors to consider, not the least is the furniture downsize.  But, where to go?  How small?  How do you make the most of the family home asset for longevity? 

At times, those questions just become back burner issues and we tend to fall to complacency and shelve the idea as just too much effort.  A successful downsize takes time.  It is arguably the most important move you will make in life’s journey of home ownership.  But, there are options.  You have choices, you just need to explore them. 

Most people start by telling their Realtor what they won’t accept.  Try, if you can, just opening up your field of vision to every option that would be available to you.  This is a new chapter in your life and, yes, it will be a change, but, sometimes, that change turns out so much more positive than we can even imagine. 

One of the best rewards we enjoy as Realtors is listening to the comments a year after the move about how the downsize decision should have been done sooner.  Our worst stories though, are the ones where a home owner stays too long and the decision is made for them. 

Take charge of your own decisions.  It takes time, but, we’re betting you will be relieved once you have started to move in the direction best suited for you.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Sellers Were Asking: The Estate Sale

Preparing a home for the market can be a daunting task at the happiest of times.  The passing of a loved one puts this task in a category on its own.  Here are some tips that will hopefully assist your family if ever faced with this most difficult responsibility.

Possessions - gather family to decide which items have not been spoken for.  Have furniture appraised if uncertain of the value.  Make a list including value for the Realtor if you plan to sell items in the final Agreement.

Personal Items - leave in home for now.  Removing items immediately may give potential prospects the idea you wish to sell quickly.

Communicate - Points of contact for every member of the family including the Estate Lawyer will need to be given to the Realtor.  The executor will need to council the Realtor as to whom should receive information.

Request Time - When an offer arrives, you will need an adequate amount of time to gather all parties together to review and react.  Ask for 24-72 hours depending on schedules.  This is called the Irrevocable Date.  Have your Realtor set the time frame out in the remarks of the Listing Contract.

Maintain Composure - no-one can replace the memories of your loved one, nor, can they take them away.  And, nor can you sell them with the home.  Try to keep your emotions from getting in the way of practicality.