Friday, February 27, 2015

Sellers Were Asking: Remodelling?  Best Bang for your Buck!

The great thing about home remodelling, redecoration and all out renovation projects is they add value to your home and often don’t cost as much as we tend to think.  If you are thinking of selling in a year or two, you have a huge opportunity to enjoy some updates and then reap the benefit from the sale.  If you are selling soon, a few quick fixes are likely your best bet with the biggest return, but, for the large projects, such as a complete kitchen renovation, it is unlikely you will achieve 100% ROI (return on investment) as factors like buyer preference play into the equation.  Here are a few quick, easy ideas to get you started on a smaller update:
  • Replace your front door 100% ROI
  • Replace garage door 92% ROI
  • Siding replacement 84% ROI
Overall cleaning and de-cluttering will also net you 100% return on your time by selling your home quicker.

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