Friday, March 13, 2015


From humble beginnings, Edwards Real Estate has emerged, grown and metamorphosed itself through thirty-six years of small business spunk.  This little company which grew out of the mind....and basement of its owner and President, Jamie Edwards has steadfastly served Burlington and surrounding area for now, thirty six years.  It is with pride and gratitude that we salute Jamie today and recognize  that  talent and perseverance will and can triumph, even in today’s competitive world.  At a time when entrepreneurship was not prevalent,  Jamie decided he was opting out of the mainstay.  Early on he adopted a ‘different by design’ philosophy which has resonated throughout his business model still today.  Throughout the years, everyone within the organization was and is challenged and encouraged to think outside the box, a trait that just makes sense for any small business to offer continuance.  One who advocates giving back to community and profession, he has served as President of the Burlington Chamber of Commerce, the local Real Estate Board and Ontario’s Real Estate Association and most recently as President of the Rotary Club of Burlington Central.  His ongoing mentorship efforts have inspired countless many to pursue and realize their own personal goals.  For those who know him, you’ll agree he has that rare gift of leading individuals into territory beyond their own realm of possibility.  March 13th, 1979 marked the beginning of a successful business start up....when Edwards Associates was, but one.  Thirty-six years later, there are many who have touted the ‘Edwards Excellence’ as their mantra.  Congratulations Jamie on this milestone!

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