Friday, March 27, 2015

You Were Asking: Backwater Valves

Do you have one yet?  Even though both Hamilton and Burlington areas have experienced severe flooding in the past few years, many home owners have still not opted to install a backwater valve.  At a very low cost, these valves can save so much money and heartache as many people tend to keep old family mementos in storage spaces in their basements.  What is a backwater valve?  Simply put, it is a piece of equipment that works to prevent wastewater in an overflowing outside sewer from backing up into your basement.  If you know of anyone who had sewer backing up into their basement, you will know, it is not pleasant!  No matter your level of insurance, a sewer back up is just nasty.   The valve allows wastewater to flow normally from your home to the wastewater main during normal useage.  Where it becomes invaluable, is that the reversal mode is designed to automatically close if and when a backup occurs, thus shutting off the flow into your basement in the event of a main sewer back up.  Check into a valve if you haven’t already.  The cost is nominal, the reward and safe protection of your cherished items is invaluable!

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