Friday, March 20, 2015

You Were Asking: Flood - What to do?

For those of you who were affected, this past summer was ‘the perfect storm’ for many homeowners who had dumpsters in their driveways for a month or more.  Many simply did not know what to do and our phones were ringing off the hook from recent buyers asking what to do.  There were even lost deals that were in the midst of firming up but the water damaged basements, so, who is left holding the bag?  So, what to do immediately after a flood?
  • Call 311 – report your flood to Halton Region
  • Call your Insurance Company
  • Call a damage restoration company – it is critical to get the area cleaned as soon as possible
  • Install fans and dehumidifiers immediately – the avoidance of mould growth is critical
If you do have to evacuate your home, is the web site to track for any updates they are offering.  Be absolutely sure drinking water is safe to consume.  Don’t drive or walk through floodwaters!  Stay away from downed power lines.  Assume everything that has been touched by floodwater is contaminated.  I know it seems important to salvage what you can, but, keep yourself safe!!

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