Friday, May 8, 2015

You Were Asking: Communication

A very important tool in any negotiation of sale is communication.  When it comes to offer negotiations, there will be more than one.  Consider that your conversation with your sales rep is the very first one as you may have differences of opinion.  That is expected.  Essentially, your rep will guide you as best he/she can in any given market.  Today’s market, fraught with competing offers with homes being bid far beyond asking prices, it really is anyone’s guess what another buyer will pay.  The second negotiation is between the listing or selling rep, depending on what you are doing.  Some real estate sales representatives communicate very well, others, don’t.  That can become a challenge to ensure information flows quickly. The third negotiation is with the two individuals attempting to achieve a win/win buy and sale agreement.  These two parties, most of the time, don’t meet at the negotiation table.  In an attempt to keep emotions at bay, the listing and selling sales reps play an important role to represent their respective clients in, hopefully, a harmonious negotiation. 

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