Friday, May 22, 2015

Sellers Were Asking: First Impressions

You only have one chance to make a first impression, or so the saying goes, and no-where is this more true  than with the showing of your home. These days, as, buyers do "drive-bys" in an effort to eliminate unsuitable homes, you really only have one opportunity to catch a potential buyer's interest, so creating curb appeal is important.  This spring, we are fortunate to have the buds now in bloom.  This, coupled by the awful winter, buyers are out in droves, so,  make your home inviting.  Be creative!  A nice wreath on the front door, welcome mat and clean, uncluttered appearance works.  Inside, clean your house from top to bottom. Make sure hardwood gleams, carpets are thoroughly vacuumed and dust has been banished. Remove clutter and use this opportunity to start packing by putting collectibles away. This allows potential buyers to imagine their own possessions and knickknacks in your home. When sales reps and potential buyers do view your spotless home, get out so they can move about freely. Some buyers are uncomfortable if the sellers are around and they tend not to spend as much time looking as they would have if the sellers had gone out. So, go shopping, take a walk or take the kids to the park. Definitely leave the house during an open house. Relax and let your sales rep do what you have contracted him/her to do, namely sell your house. If you're thinking about selling, give us a call!

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