Friday, May 15, 2015

Buyers Were Asking: Pre-Conceived Notions

The toughest thing for most people is to try something new.  Particularly with buying your first home and deciding on what may well be your last home, this buying public often has pre-conceived notions on housing styles, areas and pricing.  

The hardest move you will ever make is the downsize one as it really challenges you to project your life out for a good 5 years in the short term and 10 in the long.  Will you still be driving in 10 years?  

Just as with your first home, you need to consider what is important, or, will become important as you age.  On the flip side, for the first timer, you need to consider if a baby is in the plan in the short term.  If so, where are the schools in relation to the home you are considering?  The misnomer we, as realtors, often face is the pre-conceived notions of the buying public.  

That specific condominiums will not offer what you are looking for.  That certain first time homes are better than others because they may be the newest or offer pools and gyms.  We can direct you, however, you need to be able to open your field of vision.  Rather than saying, ‘no, that won’t work’, try, ‘ It can’t hurt to take a look’.  

Really, if you don’t explore all options available to you, you may miss the perfect new home for yourself! 

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