Friday, June 19, 2015

Sellers Were Asking: Maximizing Your Home's Equity

If I were to tell you of an investment you could make to ensure your home achieved its maximum potential on the market, in any market, would you listen?  Once introduced to the open market, a home becomes an asset, a saleable commodity of great potential.  How much potential, is in your hands.  

Many sellers believe it is a Realtor's job to 'paintthat picture of potential.  Let me ask you this.  When you go in search of a 'new' used car, what catches your eye?  I'll bet you look for 'low mileage, clean and affordable'.  You know the black book?  There's an unwritten black book for houses too. 

It is not the Realtor's job to clean and de-clutter your home to prepare it for sale.  It is yours.  And, the old, "but, they can see past my stuff" just does not cut it when potential home buyers are stacking home against home.  Pretty homes sell.  63% of buyers prefer to pay more for a house that is in turn key, move in condition.  So, here you have it.  37% of the buyers will look past your 'stuff'.  

Sellers give all sorts of reasons why they don't want their homes staged.  "It's too expensive!"  "It's too much work!"  And my all-time favourite, "My house will sell itself".  The cost of home staging is actually less than your first price reduction. Stagers work with the flow of a home, help to eliminate clutter, edit and arrange furniture. They can direct a potential buyer's attention to the positive features of your home as well as downplay the impact of any negative features.

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