Friday, July 31, 2015

Market Conditions and Fall Forecast!

The summer market hasn’t slowed all that much for the properly priced home.  However, those left unsold are now going through the first phases of reductions.  Finally, we are being able to bring buyers into a house more than once and also able to negotiate somewhat.  There still are sellers who think they hold all the cards, but, buyers are now walking away.  Refreshing to see it actually as I have felt sorry for the buyers in this market having to switch gears so quickly in their search mode.  Lots of activity across the bridge into the Stoney Creek and Grimsby area markets.  The trend still is to move in the outer lying areas in an attempt to buy more house for the growing family.  But, the other end of the spectrum are also taking notice for downsize plans.  When you consider you can downsize in square footage and pick up the extra garage space, it kind of becomes a no brainer when you start to accumulate some toys!  Plus, Niagara is a spitting distance away as are the Buffalo and Niagara Airports for a quick flight to Florida. 

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