Friday, July 3, 2015

Buyers Were Asking: Words of Wisdom - Food for Thought

Buying a house is not as easy as a lot of people think.  It takes a ton of thought, preparation, groundwork and patience.   We are hopeful to help put your concerns a bit at ease by saying, let’s take a step back and discover what we know and what we have yet to discover.  Our fear, always, is that you will  buy too big or too small or.....settle.  Don’t settle!  Your home will come just has yet to be listed.  Resale is much tougher as the selection, at any given time, can be limiting.   So, with that in mind, let’s send you on your house hunting tour armed with some information designed to assist in making things a bit more clear.  First thing in starting the process is back to your Girl Guide, Boy Scout basics.....Be Prepared......Prepare a  Must Have/Wish List.  If you are a couple.....two lists to begin with will set the tone, so, sequester yourselves in separate rooms and do your ‘homework’ – SEPARATELY.  Then, come back together to reconcile your lists to see how closely each other’s MUST HAVE and WISH LISTS match. We think you will be pleasantly surprised that you essentially really do want the same things. 

Your Must Haves are the important things.  They are things like # of bedrooms, Garage or Location.  Your Wish List are things that you’d be thrilled if you got them in amongst the Must Haves....things like pools, fireplace, basement walk-out.  In your prioritization, be honest.  Go with your gut and just write down as it comes.  It is in your heads, you just have not put it down on paper.  In your reconciliation, a pattern will most very likely emerge.  That reconciled list then becomes our house hunting list.  Have no fear...the list will evolve!  It always does.  

Download a copy of our Wish/Must Have List to get started!

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