Friday, August 21, 2015

Buyers Were Asking: Real Estate Netiquette

I think the internet is a wonderful tool for searching real estate.  Many who are in the market to sell and/or buy are using the internet as a source to seek out the ideal home.  They visit numerous Realtor sites gathering and requesting information from numerous Realtors.  Armed with reams of information, they then bombard their own Realtor with the information gathered to sort through.  

While the internet was to simplify the whole process, it has, unfortunately, now begun to complicate it. In a quick market, or, very popular market area properties tend to sell fairly quickly, almost nullifying the usefulness of this technology.  

It's time to hit the streets running.  We,  like most Realtors, are on the Realtor MLS site umpteen times a day searching and sorting for you.  You see, that's what we get paid for.  There are hours of background work completed before you meet with us.  You've come to us not only expecting solid negotiation expertise, but, also expecting for us to find you your ideal home.  We often have spent hours of time servicing other Realtor's clients (and, I'm sure, other Realtors have done the same for us) responding to hundreds of e-mails giving directions to our listings, answering questions on suitability, square footage and more.  

While we love to help, please ask your own Realtor to provide you this service.   Realize, we have the right to ask if you are under contract with another Realtor.  If you are, we simply pick up the phone and attempt to have your Realtor take you through the home.  I'm simply amazed at how many people thank me for responding so quickly and continue to ask me to advise them when they are already working with another Realtor.  

Folks, find someone to work with whom you feel comfortable and then direct all your questions to that person.  If we can help, and, you're not already working or under contract with another Realtor, please give us a call.

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