Friday, September 25, 2015

Sellers Were Asking: Hiring a Contractor

The Fall market is upon us and those of you who are thinking of selling are likely wandering around your houses making lists of items which require your attention.  The challenge becomes how to get your home ready for market before the busy season is gone.  Hiring a contractor becomes a viable option.  The search starts.  Now, just like I suggest with hiring a Realtor, you should obtain three quotes.  Seek recommendations from friends or neighbours.  Here are some questions you can ask to satisfy yourself that you will hire the right contractor:
<        How many projects similar to mine have you completed?  Can I visit the completed jobs?
<        Do you have references?
<        What kind of insurance do you carry?
<        Who will do the actual work?
<        What are your regular work hours?
<        How long will it take you to complete the project?
<        Will you provide a written contract?

The contract you obtain should stipulate a start date and date of completion.  It should give you the right to cancel within a short period before the work commences, say three days after you sign.  It must stipulate how the contractor will be paid.  Never pay the full amount in advance. It is recommended that you pay for one-third when the contractor starts the job, another third when the job is 50 percent completed, and the final payment upon completion, after all inspections are finished.  The contract must also state that the contractor will provide all required permits.  Be wary of a contractor who says you do not need a permit or who wants you to obtain it.  By following these guidelines you'll most likely avoid major problems.  Your home is likely your most valuable asset, take good care of it.

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