Friday, September 4, 2015

Buyers Were Asking: Over-Buying

Just as under-buying is a challenge, so is over-buying.  Who over-buys?  Many times, it is the down-sizing market.  This end of the market is very reluctant to part with furniture.  Chairs, comically enough are never plentiful enough.  And, forgive the Realtor who suggests daughter Mary can hold the next holiday meal...a warning to fellow Realtors...don't do it!  As with the market who under-buys, the over-buying market too, will find themselves rambling around in a few years with a home they don't fit in.  Often, they never use the finished basement, they use only the main level.  How do you avoid the problem?  A good way is to really take stock of what rooms you use, and what you use, maybe once or twice a year.  Many down-sizers will not consider even looking at an condominium apartment.  Why not just look?  It doesn't hurt, it's free.  You can always decide you don't like it, but, looking at all of your options is much wiser than just deciding you would hate the lifestyle before exploring the option.  Buildings offer party rooms, so, there's the large dining room, often a fully stocked kitchen (dishes, cutlery, oversized refrigerators) so you can serve the food in a larger space.  Recreational facilities often include a pool, gym and activities board so you don't have to feel you are losing the pool for the grandkids.  Underground parking, utilities (some buildings) included, and a turn-key lifestyle are all favourable reasons to at least consider this home ownership option.    

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