Friday, January 22, 2016

Market Update: Market Conditions and Spring Forecast

Market Conditions and Spring Forecast

Still strong, the market did ease somewhat through the holiday season.  What a warm November and December we enjoyed this year in relation to what we endured last season. Mortgage rates are still low enough to move buyers into different price points.  That is good and bad as evidenced by the continual bidding war situations many are finding themselves in.  I just read an article written by a consumer about the strategies employed in purchasing in this type of market frenzy.  It really, really is a challenge and sometimes being the winner is really being the loser....for both seller and buyer.  Why?  Because, the afterglow of a bidding war for a seller, becomes the absolute tumultuous decision making process as they switch hats to the buyer side.  They now find themselves sitting at the side of a road in a cold car awaiting word on whose offer is accepted.  Our advice remains the same.  Really think of your bottom line on a home as it is the ultimate ‘winning’ buyer who sets the bench mark for the next home.  Folks, this is not the realtors creating the frenzy buying.  We are trying our level head best to educate and advise in a frantic time.   

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