Friday, March 4, 2016

You Were Asking: Blurred Lines


If you’ve been watching the market the past few years in Burlington, have you noticed our neighbourhood boundaries appear blurred now? There was a time when Burlingtonians had very specific neighbourhood loyalties. I want to live in ‘insert neighbourhood here’. 

Now, price points are dictated somewhat by the homes themselves. Yes, condition has always played into pricing variations, but, our relocating buyers, really don’t place the same emotional values on our ‘zones’. What is the difference between a coveted Headon Forest home over Brant Hills? It used to be a status symbol or, what we call, an ‘Ego’ buy, where now we are seeing some huge price fluctuations in neighbourhoods never before experiencing major price jumps. 

Our City is now seemingly trending toward equalization of neighbourhood boundaries. School zones will always play a role too in the purchasing decision as buyers flock to the ‘best schools’ with the ‘best ratings’. But, ask any teacher how they feel about this and the answer will enlighten you. ‘There are good and bad teachers out there in every school, so, why is one school deemed better than another?’ 

Food for thought as our price points in all neighbourhoods continue on the upswing due to high demand and low inventory, but, also some healthy investment opportunities out there.

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