Friday, April 1, 2016

Buyers Were Asking: Are You in the Market?


A realtor’s gauge is 3 simple words: Ready, Willing and Able. Some buyers are willing, but, not ready or able. How do you know? 

Ready may mean that if you are moving up or down, your current home is ‘market’ ready. Meaning, the moment you find the move-up/downsize home of your dreams, you are prepared to put your current home on the market that day. 

Willing. Some people are ‘tire kickers’. They appear willing, but, then, the “well, buts” come. They find excuses not to make the move. The timing is not right. The family is not prepared. The price isn’t right. If the home only had one more room, or, the right shade of colour on the walls. The lack of motivation doesn’t cause the willingness. 

Able. Are all your ducks in a row? Have you been to the bank and discovered what you can afford? Have you considered all your options? Being ready, willing AND able takes some work.

If you're looking for more resources before you take the plunge, visit the links within our section For Buyers, on our website.

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