Friday, May 20, 2016

Sellers Were Asking: But We Have a Pool!


Most people hold firm to the belief that owning a home with a pool ensures sale ability. Now is the time of year to capitalize on this asset. You’ve opened it, and now that school is almost out, the kids are begging you not to sell the house. You’re likely wondering if it’s such a good idea too, after all, it is closing in on summer and you’re all enjoying this new form of fun in the sun. So... what do you do? Don’t pull the home off the market. First of all, you’re likely not going to complete the transaction for at least 30 to 60 days, that’s still a few months away. You still have lots of time to enjoy the pool. Spend some time ‘dressing up’ the pool area. Frequent nurseries to find large house plants on sale for the corners of the deck or pool area. Take pictures of your family enjoying the pool and display them in the kitchen so that prospective purchasers can visualize entertaining in your back yard. Check your equipment for disrepair. If anything needs replacing or fixing, attend to it right away. If your skimmers look weather beaten and in poor shape a prospective buyer may assume the pool is in disrepair as well. Paint chain link fencing around a pool area to achieve a clean look. Ensure locks are on and the area is secure. For those of you who wish to purchase a home with a pool, either leave your children at home or ensure you have a firm grip on them while viewing the pool area. It only takes a few seconds for a child to slip into the water. 

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Friday, May 13, 2016

You Were Asking: Buying & Selling


It’s quite natural to wish to sell high and buy low. But, unless you are selling in a flourishing market and then awaiting market conditions to change to favour a buyer, that’s not likely to happen. You need to live somewhere in between and that means exploring your options, ie staying with relatives, renting, obtaining a long closing on the sale of your home to allow for the time to purchase or, more conceivably, buying and selling in the same market. 

The hard thing to keep in mind is that your home is worth what a willing buyer wishes to pay. That’s so black and white. Especially when your children grew up in the house. When you just renovated and the homes you’re now looking at need all that you just undertook. Here’s the silver lining though. You most likely will buy and sell in the same market. So, if you lose at one end, you’ll likely make it back up at the other. 

Is real estate still a good investment? Over the long term, yes. Predominantly, you build equity over time. House prices generally rise a bit more than inflation. Sellers, if you are waiting for the market to come to your price, recognize that most sellers are doing that. So, when you put your buyer’s hat on and head out to find your new home, you’re still in the same market. 

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

You Were Asking: Geothermal Conversion

Geothermal Conversion

Thinking of converting to Geothermal to heat and cool your home?  There are several benefits beyond the immediate energy savings you'll enjoy.  

Another is reducing your carbon footprint for future generations.  The system maintains a steady ambient room temperature as opposed to fossil fuel systems which rely on the delivery of energy bursts to maintain your thermostat setting.  

With a geothermal system the heating of cooling source is a constant, decreasing noise and also decreasing dry air which often causes discomfort.  How does it work?  By tapping into the sun's constant energy, an ethanol solution is circulated through pipes buried in the ground in order to coordinate the exchange of heating and cooling throughout the seasons by transferring fluid through a geothermal unit.  

In the winter, ethanol in the pipes absorbs the heat from the earth, the fluid is then pumped through the geothermal unit to supply your home with heat.  In the summer, the warm fluid in your home is pumped back out to the piping which then cools it and re-circulates it back to cool the home. 

It's estimated the conversion of a propane heated home will cut energy costs by 80%, and oil and electric systems, by 75%.  The neat concept is that if you own your own land, a geothermal system taps into an asset you already own. 

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