Monday, September 12, 2016

The SUMMER 2016 Newsletter is here!

You Were Asking: From Your Cleaning Professional

From Your Cleaning Professional

Hiring someone to clean is just plain smart. For one thing, think of it as an investment in your home. Many people ask a realtor what they should do to prepare their home for the market. One of the very first things out of our mouths is....Clean, Clean, Clean. Seems simple enough, but, not as easily accomplished when we are all running 24/7. So, invest over time in someone who can at least keep things in check, rather than making this your barrier to listing your home! Ok, so, that is how I actually resigned myself to hiring someone to clean my own home so I asked my new best friend what else was on her pet peeve list. The list was, well, obvious, but, a little humbling too. Clutter....she said...get rid of it! It makes it far too hard for someone to clean around your stuff and really, do you need all the junk? Give it away, sell it, but, rid your home of it! 

Next up? Dead plants. Yikes! I have what I affectionately call "Death Row". Well, morbid, but, can't keep a plant alive to save my life. I can kill a cactus like no-one's business. So, I promised to ditch them before my next cleaning. 

What next, I asked sheepishly? Dusty toiletries, she replied matter of factly. Ok, got that in check. I'm not much into the foofy TP paper doily stuffy, so, good there. But, yes, I'd agree. I've seem far too many faded flower arrangements collecting dust in powder rooms. Really guys, they've kind of had their day in the sun, if you will.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Market Update: Market Conditions and Fall Forecast

Market Conditions and Fall Forecast

We never really saw a break this year with the spring market evolving pretty seamlessly into the summer.  There was the natural lull for that quick two week period where parents were caught up in the school year ending, which always means vacation mode in those first two weeks of July, but, then, things resumed.  The banks finally started putting a little more pressure on financing come end of July.  That’s a good thing really as the bidding wars certainly have pushed pricing to new limits.  Our average sale in Burlington in June was $682,258 with every neighbourhood reaching all time highs.  The only area that suffered any shelf life was Area 38 sitting on the fringe of the City.  The Hamilton market enjoyed similar activity with price ratios over 100% in every neighbourhood.