Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sellers Were Asking: My House Will Sell Itself

My House Will Sell Itself!

Not all homes sell fast. Listings that sell fast are usually those that are in high demand, are priced right, are well located, and are in move-in condition. There may be a factor beyond your control that's causing your home to take longer to sell, like a small lot or outdated floor plan. Homes in higher price ranges tend to remain on the market longer. 

In Burlington, homes listed over $500,000 generally take longer to sell and require a targeted market plan which may have to be adjusted as the market changes. Homes listed over $1,000,000 may take a few years to sell. Homes in this range are targeted to a small percentage of the market who likely will want to price out renovations to suit their individual needs. 

Market conditions also play a big part. In a fast paced seller's market with a low inventory of homes for sale, listings usually sell quickly. But even so, homes with incurable defects, like a lot of highway noise or cut up floor plan may take longer than average to sell. No matter the market conditions, if your home is unusual or doesn't have broad based appeal, you should expect it to take longer to sell. Taking a home like this off the market might be a big mistake. The buyer for your home is out there somewhere. It's risky to take a home you need to sell off the market because market conditions are constantly changing. You could end up in a worse situation if the market falls while you're taking a breather. 

It's usually a better strategy to do what you can to improve the marketability of your home today.

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