Saturday, December 8, 2018

Market Stats: November 2019! Is the Christmas season upon us?

'Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells...' can you hear that?  We are most definitely approaching the Christmas Season.  November stats have been released and overall for the RAHB Board, number of sales are down 17.1%. In Burlington, number of sales have dropped by 53, for a change of -25% since October, whereas this same time last year we actually saw an increase over October to November.  For Hamilton, number of sales have dropped by 66, for a change of -17% since October with the same as Burlington being true last year... sales were up, quit dramatically for Hamilton. 

Last year, this downward trend continued through December and into January for both Cities.  It wasn't until February that we started to see things, albeit slowly, start to creep back up.  The 2017 Spring Market was upon us as of March!  I'm going to hazard a guess that the same may be true for 2018, moving into 2019. 

For Burlington, the 35 area (Headon Forest / Millcroft etc) held the largest percentage of overall sales at 26%.  However it was the Alton Community and South-East Burlington (Roseland included), that each had average sales up over $1.3 million for their combined 13 sales.  

In Hamilton Centre, we found one neighbhourhood reporting 102% list to sale price ratio, so numbers were still strong there with average days on the market below the overall average at just 25 days. 

Typically, the market slows over the holiday season! Everyone is just preoccupied with the busy-ness of the season.  The positive, if the Buyers are out there looking, they are likely fairly serious about their search... showing their commitment.  We normally advise the Spring market for real estate will commence mid- to late January.  If it follows the same trend as last year, we might see a slightly later start to the Spring market for 2019... perhaps a slower start given that sales were still on the rise last November and didn't see the decline until December.  For now, Buyers and Sellers alike, enjoy the lull and brace yourselves for what's to come in the new year!

We're posting the stats on our website monthly... have a look at Monthly Statistics.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

You Were Asking: Mobility Hubs

Mobility Hubs

On Tuesday October 16th the J M Edwards Team attended the Open Forum meeting hosted by the Realtors Association of Hamilton Burlington to inform its members on the proposed planning and development of the four Mobility Hubs scattered around Burlington, ON. For those who don’t know, the mobility hubs are areas designated by the City, centred around our three GO Stations and downtown transit hub. 

The area surrounding these key areas actually attributes to about 5% of Burlington’s future growth so, in reviewing the plans for our City in these next 20 years, the mobility hubs have become a key component of our future planning.

These plans, now released by the City, are developed in three stages…

Phase 1: Research, public consultation, establishing land use and concept draft
Phase 2 / Current Stage: Area specific plans released, public consultation 
Phase 3: Tools and strategies of implementation

The biggest concern, particularly in the downtown areas, are what can we expect from each of these plans.  First and foremost, there are many objectives that comprise the overall plan. Everything from intensification, a varied transportation network, environmental conservation, employment opportunity, cultural heritage and more. The overriding objective is to create complete and well rounded ‘neighbourhoods’ within each hub.

Each zone is assessed separately based on the needs and existing infrastructure. Here are some highlights and proposals discussed in each of the area plans…

  • Generally, height minimums have been increased to 12-17 stories
  • Proposed park at the end of John St, with future development and land use changes
  • Area of highest density will be at Prospect/Brant where building heights will range from 17-25 stories
  • Given the traffic and lack of parking downtown, the idea is to create a walkable neighbourhood, particularly those closest to the Burlington GO station
  • Encouraging builders to limit the parking available to encourage a lifestyle change… downsize square footage and number of vehicles 
  • Largest transition from otherwise industrial/commercial area into a more well rounded neighbourhood
  • High density would be upwards of 30 stories, keeping in line with current/proposed development
  • Area of preservation along Plains Rd E, protecting the character of longstanding Burlington businesses
  • Many new parks and green spaces as well as addition of a bike path 
  • Road expansion of Masonry Ct to provide a walkable and accessible neighbourhood
Burlington GO:
  • High intensity directly surrounding the station itself
  • Added mix of mid residential 
  • 4+ new Parks
Appleby GO:
  • Largest mobility hub in the City
  • North of the rail line will remain as employment lands
  • Expect an emergence of 30+ story condos along the rail line on the south side, similar to Burlington GO area
  • Sub areas surrounding the rail line to be medium density, along the same lines as the mid level buildings and townhomes already established
To view the plans in full visit the City’s website to see what this future development means for your current neighbourhood or your own future plans living within the City.

Photo Source: City of Burlington

You Were Asking: Legal Marijuana & Real Estate

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Weekly Stats: Realtors Association of Hamilton Burlington

Our Real Estate Board, The Realtors Association of Hamilton Burlington (RAHB) has begun reporting WEEKLY stats!  To expand on our monthly stat reporting currently found on our website, you'll find a weekly addition to your profile.

This will help us all to keep a closer eye on the changes as we evolve through our changing Real Estate markets. October 7th-13th for Hamilton Burlington, attached... our starting point! 

Note that the average sale price for Burlington for the month of September was $773,258... our weekly average is down to $719,400 as of current stats.  The opposite is true for Hamilton, with average sale price for the month of September having been $414,831... our weekly average is up to $492,001.

1) Data are RAHB Matrix including non member inter-board listings.
2) Hamilton area:  Region = Hamilton 
3) Burlington area:  Municipality = Burlington and Halton Hills 
4) Sale price >= CAD 40,000 

Friday, October 12, 2018

Seller's Were Asking: HELP! I Want to Change My Closing Date!

HELP! I Want To Change My Closing Date!

It actually happens a lot more than you think when our Buyers or Sellers approach us after they have firmed a transaction and realize they need to change their closing date. Sometimes it’s a day or two, other times it can be weeks! 

To make any change to an accepted offer, it must be done so first and foremost by mutual agreement (including all parties to the transaction) as well as executed formally in writing, amending your original agreement with the new dates. When a closing date or completion date is changed, it’s important to remember your title search date must also be amended to fall in line with any new date selected. Buyer and Seller are at a stalemate? The accepted agreement stands as legal and binding so, business carries on as usual. 

How do you avoid making the mistake? Think and plan ahead! It’s hard to think of dates when you’re sat down putting together the terms of your offer or deep in the throws of negotiation. Before you get too far into your search, sit down with a calendar and your loved ones. Other somewhat obvious tips: steer clear of holidays; both statutory holidays and planned vacays away. Birthdays and anniversaries are other busy times for most… you’d hate to have a house full of boxes while you’re chasing a party of 7 year olds around the house! Think of work schedules also… end of the quarter? Likely not the ideal time to add more stress.

There’s no magical formula and life being what it is, there’s always going to be exceptions or unexpected twists and turns. Your closing date can change should circumstance change, but, our recommendation always is to think it through beforehand to save yourself the worry later on. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Seller's Were Asking: When Do I Call My Realtor

When Do I Call My Realtor

If I only had a quarter for every time someone said “well, I don’t want to waste your time… we’re not ready to sell yet!” The truth is, it’s never too early to call your Realtor. We’ve worked with homeowners for years leading up to a For Sale sign going on the lawn in a variety capacities.  

We’ve helped in planning for renovations both before and after sale… everything from ‘money rooms’ to picking out finishes. We’ve even advised against certain renovations based upon market trends.  We can provide detailed staging lists to help tackle the clutter or get family members on board. We also are happy to recommend handymen, donation sites and so much more well in advance or simply as a kind gesture when needed.  We’ve even gone as far as done yearly check-in’s with homeowners to watch market trend and strategize timing of a purchase and sale. 

So, the short answer to the question? Anytime! A Realtor can be a great neutral sounding board to help make some of these decisions when it comes to your home or investment property. 

Friday, October 5, 2018

Market Update: Market Conditions & Winter Forecast

Market Conditions & Winter Forecast

This Summer and into the early Fall we saw a return to a more balanced market. Looking at the stats you can see it’s been a while since we’ve been here! With the scales tipping in either direction, most notably from the benefit of all Sellers last Spring and then quite drastically back to Buyers this same time last year. 

It’s taken some time and some getting used to for many Sellers but the evidence is seen by the number of days on the market increasing over the last year. The difficulty remained for Sellers still reeling off inflated values, it’s been a frustrating lesson in market trends to say the least.

As we await the arrival of winter weather, we watch the final push of sales from families and snowbirds before a pretty common holiday lull. With many of you already thinking ahead to Spring, our biggest market of the year, we all expect to see more of the same... a balanced and more stabilized pricing strategy will bode well for those looking to make a move this new year.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Seller's Were Asking: Emotional Rollercoaster

Emotional Rollercoaster

Your home is the single largest asset you will ever own in your lifetime. I’ll pause to let that really sink in for a minute…. It’s safe to say, purchasing or selling that asset is never a straight and narrow path. We often refer to it more appropriately as ‘an emotional rollercoaster.’ 

We’ve seen it all and everything in between, from the highest of highs; when you see a family beaming from ear to ear in excitement over their new home. To the lowest of the lows; reasoning through with Sellers whose Buyer did not close on the property.  You can expect some bumps and bruises along the way, it’s all part of the journey and most Buyers and Sellers will go through it at some point. 

It’s easy to paint all Realtors with the same brush but, in reality, there are many of us that go along this emotional journey right beside our clients. We feel the emotional anguish of losing out on your third offer or feel the pride and joy of accomplishing your dreams, whatever they may be. We’re right there along side you helping you navigate this journey, together. 

Over the years we’ve talked about finding the right fit in your Realtor and this is exactly why! Working with the right people you can build that trust and confidence will only help make things easier. We feel honoured to be a part of each and every client who chooses the Edwards Difference. We’re right there with you.. at the front of the car, hands up and screaming!

Monday, September 24, 2018

Sellers Were Asking: Four Legged Friends

Four Legged Friends

In all the hustle and bustle of selling a home we often forget about the affect it has on our four legged friends. Most Sellers don’t love the thought of strangers coming into their home and let me tell you, neither do your pets! To save yourself the mortifying discovery of coming home to an accident on the kitchen floor, we often recommend a few different strategies for handling a sale with your fur babies.  

The first and best option? Find a comfortable home and relocate them, at least for your first week/weekend on the market. This is usually the busiest time and your highest traffic flow. It also helps to keep any odours to a minimum and ensures they have the continued care they would normally.

The alternative is, bring them with you! If you have the luxury to bring your pets to work or take your pets with you when you leave for showing appointments, it can make the world of difference. I realize not all pets love the car (“not the VET again!”) which is why we recommend a safe home as your first choice.

If you aren’t able to remove your pets from your home, thats ok.  We always recommend letting your Realtor know so they can let showing Realtors know. It forewarns Buyers to be respectful of their space, ensure indoor pets do not escape outdoors and caged pets aren’t bothered more than they need to be. 

There’s no secret recipe to helping your cat or dog understand what’s going on but, I do know at very least, a few extra treats never hurt!

If you really want to go that extra mile, there's always the option of giving them a safe and exciting place to stay.  Why not check out a doggy getaway, we've got trusted referrals on our Business Directory.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Buyers Were Asking: Land Transfer Tax Vs. First Time Buyers

Land Transfer Tax Vs. First Time Buyers

If you’ve bought and sold homes in your lifetime, you’re likely familiar with that little (or not so!) added fee the lawyers refer to as Land Transfer Tax.  If you’re not familiar, let’s think of it as a transaction fee.  In the case of buying real estate, the fee applies when land is being transferred from one person, people, company etc. to another, on closing day.  

Who foots the bill?  Well, as the buyer, you do!  But, there’s some good news!  As first time home buyers in Ontario, we’re given a break (Thank You!!).  It used to be that, real estate closings prior to January 2017 received a rebate up to a maximum of $2,000.  Since then, buyers who qualify as first timers reap the benefits of a $4,000 rebate on their land transfer tax.  

What does this mean for you?  If you’re purchasing a home valued at $368,000 or less, you won’t pay a cent in land transfer tax because your rebate will cover the full amount owing.  Going over and above that simply means you’ll calculate your land transfer taxes on your total purchase price, less the $4,000 rebate… you cover the difference.

There are times where one party to the transaction (Mom, Dad, Spouse, etc) may not qualify as a first time home buyer, and the other party does.  In this case, the rebate will be reduced according to each party’s interest in the property.  If you’re entering the transaction 50/50, you’ll receive half the rebate, at $2,000…. and so on. 

You might be wondering how this is taken care of.  Rest assured, though you do have 18 months from the transaction date to apply… you won’t have to do a thing!  Your lawyer will apply for the rebate on your behalf, that way, you’re not putting out the money upon closing. You’ll see it come right off the Land Transfer Tax line on the invoice from your lawyer. 

If you’ve questions, or, something's unclear… ask us! Your lawyer! Or check out all the detail at

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Sellers Were Asking: Our Four Legged Friends

Our Four Legged Friends

Pet, companion, guardian or fur-baby... whatever you call them, we can't forget about them when it comes to showing your home!  Having an animal in the home during showings can have an impact not only on how your home is shown but on the animals themselves.  You'd be surprised how different your furry friend acts when there are strangers around and you aren't!  

We'd hate to see Buddy dart out the front door or Fluffy hiding under the bed for a week!  We know, it's unrealistic to rush home during a work day to take them out, so, we find the best solution is to have a loved one care for them for a few days or so to minimize the stress on you both.  

With that said, if your pet(s) will be home during showings, please let us know and we will advise agents accordingly.

Here are some friendly reminders for selling a pet-friendly home:
  • Be courteous to allergies and fears, particularly large dogs... please crate pets whenever possible if not removing altogether for showing appointments. 
  • Remove unnecessary evidence of your pets... put away food and bowls when not feeding, toys should be put away or limited to within a crate, dog beds out of sight, etc.
  • Remember to keep litter boxes clean and tidy as often as possible. 
  • During warmer months be sure to keep your yard free of 'landmines!'
  • Pet hair should be vacuumed or swept as often as possible.
  • Repair any damage from your pets ahead of listing your home on the market. 
  • Be conscious that pets can bring an odour... cleaning carpets, mopping floors and even a small bowl of vinegar hidden in the room they occupy the most can help remove smells without masking with heavy scents!
We know it takes a little extra effort, but, try to keep in mind it is all temporary!  Once your home is SOLD you and your pets can return to your everyday life. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Buyers Were Asking: Could You Pass the Test?

Could You Pass the Test?

By now, you’ve likely heard the buzz about the ‘Mortgage Stress Test’. If you haven’t, it came into effect January of this year. The new rules mean that ALL homebuyers in Canada (including those refinancing or switching lenders) will need to prove they can maintain mortgage payments should they be faced with a rate hike in the near future.

Just beginning your search or about to renew your mortgage? You might be wondering, ‘how will I be tested?’ Well! You’ll have to qualify with your lender at the higher of either the Bank of Canada’s 5-year benchmark rate (5.34% May 2018), or, the rate your bank is currently offering plus 2%.

So how does this translate to those of you faced with the stress test? You may be required to pay down other debts to qualify. These might be car loans, lines of credit or credit card balances. Those who pass may be faced with a rude awakening when your home search parameters are vastly affected. Your price bracket might need to be lowered, which may mean looking at smaller homes, homes in a different neighbourhood...or an entirely different city then planned.

Whether you’re faced with the test or not, it might be good practice
to self-stress test! It’s simple - just take the principal on your current
mortgage and apply either the benchmark rate, or, your current rate +
2% to see how your payments are affected. A four year fixed rate mortgage for $400K at 3.89% translates to $2,144 monthly. Now, stress test that by changing out the 3.89 to 5.89% and you’re talking monthly payments of $2,597...over $450 more per month...over $5,400 per year.

Not sure where this leaves you in your home ownership goals? We’re happy to help. We can put you in touch with our most trusted mortgage brokers who’ll help guide you through the process!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Sellers Were Asking: Is There a Right Time to Sell?

Is There a Right Time to Sell?
Housing needs change throughout our lives. At first, singles need a place to call their own. Then families move to get more space for the kids. Later, ‘first generation’ retirees may want less to take care of, and finally ‘second generation’ retirees may need more support and services. Many seniors stay in their family homes and are perfectly content to stay there.

Here are a few things to consider if you or older family members have reached the point where a retirement move might be the best strategy.

  • Are you over-housed? Are you rattling around in your ‘empty nest’, paying more than you want for taxes, utilities and maintenance? If retirement has meant a cut in income, would a lower-priced home, townhouse or condominium be easier to manage?
  • Do you need the equity from your family home? For some home owners, the equity built up in a home is their main retirement savings. Sometimes a move is needed to convert that equity into cash and income to be secure for the years to come.
  • Is the home’s upkeep manageable? Do you have the time, energy or interest to paint, clean, mow, etc? Will the roof need replacing soon?
  • Does your home style match your physical ability? Are there too many steps or step-down rooms in your current home?
  • Has the neighbourhood changed? If friends, relatives, neighbours, doctors and stores have gone, maybe it’s time for a change.
  • Do you want to be closer to family? Maybe a move will save long trips and increase your visit time with the grandchildren.
  • Would a move improve your lifestyle? If travel is important, the ‘turn- key’ lifestyle may appeal to you.

If you find yourself in one of these common situations it may be time to consult a Realtor to help you decide if now is your time to make a move, or not. Our job is not to convince you to sell but more help you to make an informed decision, investigating all your options. Doing your homework ahead of time will always provide a better outcome than wondering “what if?” or even worse, waiting until it’s too late

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Buyers Were Asking: Understanding Condo Fees

Understanding Condo Fees
Condo living can be quite appealing; offering a turn-key lifestyle, free of maintenance, with a boost of security! While you’ll often be faced with a phone or key pad requiring a resident to buzz you in to gain access, some will have a concierge and we recently sold one with a live-in superintendent.
Your condo fees can cover a variety of things and may differ slightly from building to building, the most common being:
  • Insurance - not to be confused with insurance for your personal contents, this is building insurance, outside of your own unit.
  • Exterior Maintenance - leave the window washing and yard work behind, the condo corporation ensures this is taken care of, usually with a specific schedule.
  • Heat / Water - Heat and/or water can be provided and covered for the whole building. Your unit will still have it’s own heating controls and thermostat.
  • Parking - Individual units normally come with one parking space, if you’re lucky... two! Oftentimes, there is a need for an additional space. This is where the elderly resident who no longer drives can come in handy; providing an opportunity to rent their space for a small fee. Don’t forget visitor parking - how much? Where? Restrictions on use?
  • Lockers - Locker space becomes important because your unit can only hold so much. You’ll have your own locked space within a secure room in the building; ideal for storage of seasonal or oversized items.
While it’s important to know what your fees cover, residents need their lifestyle to fit into the building of choice. This leads to extensions of your living space such as Party Rooms, Fitness Rooms, Pools or Rooftop Patios... all of which can be a real appeal to residents. Keep in mind though, the more amenities offered, the higher the fee! Tailoring your building choices to those offering amenities of interest to you will ensure best bang for your buck.

If you’ve got a furry friend (or two) making the move, you’ll need to know the pet restrictions! We’ve found, as of late, buildings are making changes revolving around pets. You’ll often discover that while they are permitted, there is a restriction on weight or quantity. Most definitely there’ll be guidelines on use of common areas.

So, how do you set all of this straight in your search? A quick call to the condo corporation - that’s who manages the property - can get you the answers you need. Rest assured, however, your Agreement of Purchase and Sale will be conditional on Status Certificate. This document provides full insight on fees, special assessments (required in the case of a monetary shortfall) and the overall state of the finances! Your lawyer is given the opportunity to review the Status Certificate in full, prior to a firm purchase. Protection, built right into your offer!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

You Were Asking: There's Something to be Said for an Expert

There's Something to be Said for an Expert
In an age of internet and instant information it’s easy to become an expert at anything, really. It’s often difficult to decide who you should listen to when you’re getting advice, solicited or otherwise, from all angles. You’ve heard us preach before about the importance of working with a Realtor and listening to their professional advice but lines can sometimes blur across industries and even across city borders creating chaos even within our own industry.

When you sign on to work with a Realtor you are trusting in their professional opinion about the value, location and condition of the home you’re looking to purchase. Often times, Realtors will venture outside of their city or town to assist friends, relatives or even long time clients. We can’t all be experts at everything so it’s important to understand where ‘helping out a friend’ should really translate into referring a trusted colleague. Knowing what streets hold the most value or desirability, future area development and even schooling can all be lost if you are working with an out of town Realtor. Asking your Realtor for a referral will not only ensure you are taken care of, but, can also work to include your Realtor if you’re not looking to sever that tie.

This same notion can also apply to other industries involved in your purchase or sale. For example, during your pre-approval process mortgage broker’s can offer solid advice and guidance on how you plan to afford your next move but it’s important to remember, they do not watch trend, understand real estate industry rules and guidelines and are not licensed to offer real estate advice. The same goes for your lawyer. Now don’t get us wrong, a lawyer certainly knows what needs to happen in order to ensure your home closes or should any problems arise, we’re the first to suggest a Buyer or Seller seek their legal council. To defer to their judgement on how much of a deposit is required, is not considered legal advice. It’s sort of along the lines of asking your mechanic for decorating advice. They could do it, but....

The moral of the story? Trust the experts in their respective fields to guide you and leave the background noise as simply that.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Welcoming - Bettianne Hedges

Bettianne M. Hedges, BA, Broker, ABR, AEA, ASA
J.M. Edwards Associates Inc.

She is a Real Estate Broker, Accredited Buyer RepresentativeAccredited Elite Advocate, Accredited Senior Agent and former Managing Director of a multi-office real estate brokerage. She is currently an elected Director of the Real Estate Council of Ontario which regulates the industry and protects the public interest.

Bettianne has eleven years of experience listing and selling property types in different real estate markets throughout Ontario. She has sold residential, rural, heritage- designated, multi-residential and commercial properties. This provides her clients with a unique advantage. As an Accredited Buyer’s Representative, Bettianne is specifically trained to thoroughly research and provide advice necessary to assist her clients in making good buying decisions. This same skill set is of great advantage to a seller preparing their property for market and resolving issues before they become problems. She has advanced training and highly developed skills in negotiation, sensitivity to and experience with special situations (such as stigmatized properties, family legal situations, and seniors). 

As an Accredited Elite Advocate, Bettianne is trained to use her experience to serve as an expert witness in real estate related legal cases. Bettianne has a strong appreciation of architectural styles and an understanding of her clients' unique preferences as to home, neighbourhood or lifestyle.

She has had experience buying and selling many different types of condos, in various markets, and with condo conversions.

Bettianne holds a Bachelors Degree from the University of Waterloo with an emphasis in Business Administration. She has a background in retail gallery ownership and non-profit management. She is an active community volunteer and has served on a variety of boards and committees including six years as a regional Chair with the Ontario Trillium Foundation. She is currently a trained docent at the Art Gallery of Burlington providing tours for children and adults.

Bettianne chooses to work with a trusted boutique real estate firm - J.M. Edwards Associates Inc., which provides a wide range of marketing services, team support, and a high quality of administrative services to her clients.


Market Update: Market Conditions and Summer Forecast

Market Conditions and Summer Forecast

Our spring market was definitely affected this year by the stress testing. It started out a pretty much normal Spring but, quickly lost its momentum really due to the extra set of challenges presented by the new rules.  First timers did take a step back to discover what they were approved for last year certainly did not hold the same weight as this year’s pre-approval numbers. We’ve had a few buy in the outer markets because their pre-approval numbers did not provide them with the level of housing satisfaction as they found in the outer lying, more affordable markets. The move up buyer also had some additional hurdles with bridge financing. Lots to think about, but, not impossible!

JM Edwards Team: Who We Are!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

You Were Asking: Make the Most out of Open Houses

Make the Most out of Open Houses

Open houses are an enigma in real estate.  They present a prime opportunity for sellers to present their home to many potential buyers in a short period of time.  Yet, many sellers are wary of them. Let me allay your fears.  

Properly conducted, an open house can be a positive addition to your marketing plan.  Here are several examples of prospective purchasers...

  1. A couple considering relocation back to the area is in town visiting family and decides to check out a few home sin the old neighbourhood.  
  2. A young couple about to be married has been touring open houses for weeks trying to find their perfect first home.  
  3. A young executive with little time to see homes through the week does his shopping on the weekends.  Not wishing to engage the services of a Realtor just yet, he feels confident your area and house style will suit his busy lifestyle.  
  4. The buyer who is ‘not ready yet’ and does not want to ‘waste’ their Realtor’s time. They will feel comfortable looking through open houses on their own time.
  5. A family considering a NEW City, and are unfamiliar with the area. They drive neighbourhoods to get a feel for where they want to buy. If they can pop in, your home may just be the right fit!

These examples can and often do present 'missed opportunity' purchases as your Realtor may not be available at the very time the person decides to pick up the phone to request an appointment.  Often, a prospect is available for a few short hours and wants an appointment on demand.  All too often, a potential purchaser prefers to view the home first by open house.  If the house in unavailable by open house, they disregard it. 

There are those Sellers who don’t want all their neighbours touring their house. Well! We’d welcome their critical eyes, after all, who better to sell your house then someone who’s already sold on its location. Everyone has a friend or family member looking, and they might just choose their own new neighbhour.
We receive many calls and inquiries from people asking when the open house will be.  Food for thought.  As the market moves into the summer, you may wish to employ this useful marketing method

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Know Your 'Hood: Pinedale

Pinedale Community

Burlington, ON

Do you live in the Pinedale Neighbourhood?  
Wondering what you might be missing?
Maybe you, or your Friends or Family, are interested in the area!
We've pulled together some highlights of the neighbourhood!


Something we've missed?  Let us know in a Comment.

Visiting Friends or Family?  Viewing homes?  Attending Open Houses?  Maybe you're just looking for something to do... check out area events on our website.