Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Neighbhourhoods of Burlington Stats: Aldershot

We're looking closer at Aldershot as a neighbourhood within Burlington; a village like community within the City.  Aldershot is the 30 area within Burlington, let's see how it's sales stacked up against the rest of Burlington this month... 

All in all, Aldershot is doing well in comparison to other neighbourhoods; with average days on the market being on the quicker end of the spectrum.  Total sale dollars have doubled in this area compared to the previous month, and average sale price is up, with days not the market sitting much lower at 27 days; versus 48 seen last month.  Listings are slowly starting to move, across the board, and we're seeing the list to sale price ratio creep up there again, with all of Burlington being 99% of list price, and aldershot reporting 98% of list price.  

It's a different Spring then last year, where we saw more sales, at 25 in the month of February, and an average sale price up over $800K.  On the flip side, inventory seemed to hang around longer last year, with the average days on the market at a whopping 35!  Interesting when the list to sale price ratio was at 100%!

For more on aldershot as a community, see our post on Neighbourhoods of Burlington: Aldershot... 

As always, if you have any questions, we're happy to answer them!

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