Wednesday, May 23, 2018

You Were Asking: Make the Most out of Open Houses

Make the Most out of Open Houses

Open houses are an enigma in real estate.  They present a prime opportunity for sellers to present their home to many potential buyers in a short period of time.  Yet, many sellers are wary of them. Let me allay your fears.  

Properly conducted, an open house can be a positive addition to your marketing plan.  Here are several examples of prospective purchasers...

  1. A couple considering relocation back to the area is in town visiting family and decides to check out a few home sin the old neighbourhood.  
  2. A young couple about to be married has been touring open houses for weeks trying to find their perfect first home.  
  3. A young executive with little time to see homes through the week does his shopping on the weekends.  Not wishing to engage the services of a Realtor just yet, he feels confident your area and house style will suit his busy lifestyle.  

These examples can and often do present 'missed opportunity' purchases as your Realtor may not be available at the very time the person decides to pick up the phone to request an appointment.  Often, a prospect is available for a few short hours and wants an appointment on demand.  All too often, a potential purchaser prefers to view the home first by open house.  If the house in unavailable by open house, they disregard it.  

We receive many cals and inquiries form people asking when the open house will be.  Food for thought.  As the market moves into the summer, you may wish to employ this useful marketing method

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