Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Weekly Stats: Realtors Association of Hamilton Burlington

Our Real Estate Board, The Realtors Association of Hamilton Burlington (RAHB) has begun reporting WEEKLY stats!  To expand on our monthly stat reporting currently found on our website, you'll find a weekly addition to your profile.

This will help us all to keep a closer eye on the changes as we evolve through our changing Real Estate markets. October 7th-13th for Hamilton Burlington, attached... our starting point! 

Note that the average sale price for Burlington for the month of September was $773,258... our weekly average is down to $719,400 as of current stats.  The opposite is true for Hamilton, with average sale price for the month of September having been $414,831... our weekly average is up to $492,001.

1) Data are RAHB Matrix including non member inter-board listings.
2) Hamilton area:  Region = Hamilton 
3) Burlington area:  Municipality = Burlington and Halton Hills 
4) Sale price >= CAD 40,000 

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